East Coast Summer – Sample Pack

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Thunderstorms, crickets, crashing waves. To me, these are the sounds that give the Northeast its unique ambience in the summer. While in New York and New Jersey during July and August I captured as many of these sounds as I could (in super wide stereo) and packaged them up to share with you.

From Harlem to the shore, this unique sample pack includes 9 one-shots as well as 15 minutes of hard-to-find and meticulously selected longer atmospheric recordings. Enjoy!

8 reviews for East Coast Summer – Sample Pack

  1. Kennedy P.

    Really unique sample pack, very different from everything else out there.

  2. Randy S.

    Really lush sounds

  3. Stanley S.

    Solid free pack

  4. Sam M.

    Perfect! I’m from the East Coast and this really reminded me of the summers there. I’ve been wanting to capture some of these sounds myself for a while.

  5. David T.

    Already using these in my tracks

  6. Sarah S.

    Very nice!

  7. Timothy R.

    Not sure how I’ll use this yet but the sounds are nice

  8. Samuel R.

    Loving this for adding more of a sense of space to my tracks.

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