Louveteau – House Sitting Kicks


Warm and Punchy Kick Samples


6 kicks.

I just released my EP, ‘House Sitting’, named for the genre.

I haven’t released music in a long time because I’ve been obsessed with mixing. Specifically, creating and mixing kick drums. It took a few years but I think I’ve finally figured it out, and this sample pack is the result. It’s the six kick drums from my new EP which is the culmination of all that learning.

These kicks are short, subby, and punchy — but also bright. I find that when I’m mixing I tend to make things darker and darker in pursuit of warmth. Then when I A/B with other songs I realize how dull mine sounds. In addition to figuring out how to make a kick sound warm and punchy, I also consciously made these very bright. This forces me to produce around that balance which makes mixing and mastering much easier.

I hope these kick samples can be a learning tool for you too, or at least a short-cut to a tighter sound!




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