Saturation Band

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Saturation Band is a bandpass filter combined with a saturation function. The result is a unique tool with a wide range of uses, from creating lofi vibes to increasing presence in bass sounds. The high and low pass filters that create the bandpass effect are modelled after the analogue moog ladder filters. The saturation dial ranges from subtle to aggressive.

8 reviews for Saturation Band

  1. Sam L.

    So simple yet such a game-changer. You’ll use this everywhere.

  2. Ryan K.

    New favorite plugin.

  3. Lee S.

    Pretty useful

  4. Michael Poyatt (verified owner)

    Really convenient, love the eye balls.

  5. Mike R.

    Good plugin. It makes stuff sound better quickly. I don’t get trapped spending 15 minutes tweaking the knobs.

  6. Sarah S.

    This plugin seems to be the fix when something just isn’t sitting right.

  7. Charlie W.

    Worth the price I’d say. Seems like it doesn’t have a lot of features at first, but at this point I’d pay more money for something if it means I’ll spend less time tweaking it.

  8. Hunter H.


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